Top 10 Point Guards of the 2019-2020 Season

The Point Guard position is the most important position in basketball. Every team needs to have a good point guard to contend for the championship. A great point guard can elevate a mediocre team into a top team. Point guards traditionally run the offense and are the main facilitators on their teams. They are generallyContinue reading “Top 10 Point Guards of the 2019-2020 Season”


Mount Rushmore of NBA Players I’ve Been Able to Watch

I’ve seen all sorts of lists and rankings from every sport in an effort to save us from complete boredom during this pandemic. Mount Rushmore always seems to be an interesting topic of conversation, so I wanted to create my own Mount Rushmore of players I’ve personally had to the privilege of watching in myContinue reading “Mount Rushmore of NBA Players I’ve Been Able to Watch”

The Best Player Ever from Every NBA Franchise

Every NBA franchise has their own best player in the team’s history. Some teams have one player in their history that stands out above the rest and other franchises have multiple players that could be deserving of the title as the best player in their teams history. A combination of personal success and team success,Continue reading “The Best Player Ever from Every NBA Franchise”

What’s Next for Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Utah Jazz players are frustrated with Rudy Gobert and relationships need to be fixed. The Jazz players have stated their frustration with Gobert’s carelessness regarding the coronavirus. Before Gobert’s diagnosis, he went out of his way to touch all of his teammate’s belongings. There was also an interview regarding the coronavirusContinue reading “What’s Next for Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz?”

NBA Twitter Needs to Chill with the Trae Young Hype

Trae Young has become a god by NBA Twitter who don’t watch basketball. NBA Twitter is a beautiful place, but somehow you find the dumbest humans alive in it. You have the fans who think Kyle Lowry sucks at basketball because Twitter told them he did. You have the Pacers fans who swear by MylesContinue reading “NBA Twitter Needs to Chill with the Trae Young Hype”

From the Chicago River to Bigger Waters: Zach Lavine May Leave Chicago

For those who have been keeping up with the NBA, one team that has caught nearly zero spotlight (and the little it has gotten was for embarrassing reasons), is no other than the 6x NBA Champions, the Chicago Bulls. The team is a disaster. Sitting at 20-33 in the Eastern Conference, the team resides asContinue reading “From the Chicago River to Bigger Waters: Zach Lavine May Leave Chicago”

What’s Next for Demarcus Cousins?

On Friday February 21st, 2020, it was reported that the Los Angeles Lakers were waiving Demarcus Cousins in order to open up a roster spot to sign Markieff Morris. Demarcus signed a 1 year, 3.5 million dollar contract with the Lakers in the 2019 NBA offseason. Cousins has not played a game for the LakersContinue reading “What’s Next for Demarcus Cousins?”

FTSKody’s Best Bets of the Day

Well we went 2-2 yesterday and there are certainly worst things than breaking even. Today we are going to get back to our winning ways though. There are some juicy totals on the CBB slate that I am all over. Niagara/Fairfield over 123.5 Green Bay/Detroit under 165.5 Saint Peter’s/Manhattan over 124.5 And another bonus NBAContinue reading “FTSKody’s Best Bets of the Day”