Whipsnakes LC Acquire Midfielder Max Tuttle

The Premiere Lacrosse League may have delayed its start, but it hasn’t stopped its exciting offseason. Fish Tank Sports has been all over its trades, with a new one breaking today. Midfielder Max Tuttle is heading to the Whipsnakes LC. In exchange, the Chrome LC receive defensemen Foster Huggins and James Barclay, according to theContinue reading “Whipsnakes LC Acquire Midfielder Max Tuttle”

Breakdown of The Myles Jones/Sergio Salcido Trade in the PLL

The Premiere Lacrosse League debuted last summer, displaying a new era of professional lacrosse. The league has keep interest with its recent announcement of a new team, the Waterdogs LC, which resulted in an expansion draft. Coming April 21st, the seven clubs will look to add depth with a collegiate draft. The PLL has alsoContinue reading “Breakdown of The Myles Jones/Sergio Salcido Trade in the PLL”