College Football Recruiting Recap

On Wednesday February 5th, the last remaining prep prospects put their pen to paper and chose where they will play their college football for the next three-to-four years. The day was very anticlimactic due to most of the top recruits having already signed, and the ones that had not stayed true to their commitments. ButContinue reading “College Football Recruiting Recap”

Ian Book is Coming Back; We Should be Glad.

Ian Book was One of Notre Dame’s Best Players   It’s bizarre that you have to explain to a fanbase on why they should want back their QB who has only lost three games as a starter and is coming off a year where he had 3,329 yards and 37 TDs. It’s tough to keep aContinue reading “Ian Book is Coming Back; We Should be Glad.”

Buckeye Report: Cameron Martinez Makes it Official

THE Ohio State Buckeyes had most of the leg work done on the 2020 recruiting class before heading into signing day. There was still one player who had yet to put it in writing; Cameron Martinez. Cameron Martinez is a four-star recruit from that state up north. In high school, Martinez spent his time underContinue reading “Buckeye Report: Cameron Martinez Makes it Official”

College Football News Roundup Vol. 1

College Football News Roundup Vol. 1 by yours truly, @FTSKody

Expanding the CFB Playoff to 24 Teams

“They can’t even find four deserving teams now.”  The answer to that statement is: Do you like college football? If the answer is yes, then there’s no reason not to want more college football games. If the answer is no, then thanks for reading, but why are you reading? Expanding to 24 team playoff solidifiesContinue reading “Expanding the CFB Playoff to 24 Teams”

Notre Dame: The Future of the Offense

Some would argue that the 2020 and 2021 classes will be the most important classes of the Brian Kelly era when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. Notre Dame is right on the edge of being a top-tier program. As they’re 1 of 6 teams to win ten games in each ofContinue reading “Notre Dame: The Future of the Offense”