Chaos LC Trade Matt Gaudet to Chrome LC

The Premier Lacrosse League had their 2020 collegiate draft last week. Each team selected some of the finest in college lacrosse. That being said, it seems one of the top picks will already be on the move. The Chaos LC are sending first-round pick Matt Gaudet to the Chrome LC in exchange for the 17thContinue reading “Chaos LC Trade Matt Gaudet to Chrome LC”

Whipsnakes LC Acquire Midfielder Max Tuttle

The Premiere Lacrosse League may have delayed its start, but it hasn’t stopped its exciting offseason. Fish Tank Sports has been all over its trades, with a new one breaking today. Midfielder Max Tuttle is heading to the Whipsnakes LC. In exchange, the Chrome LC receive defensemen Foster Huggins and James Barclay, according to theContinue reading “Whipsnakes LC Acquire Midfielder Max Tuttle”

Chicago Bulls Hire Arturas Karnisovas

After another disappointing season, the Chicago Bulls have had enough of the infrastructure. The people who ran the team for years were driving it into the concrete. Rumors swirled around that the organization would look for new leadership. The team was denied by some suitors, but managed to lure others in. One name stood out,Continue reading “Chicago Bulls Hire Arturas Karnisovas”

Interview With Carroll University Outfielder Matt Pestel

In a time where all sports are gone, fans feel at a lost, not able to cheer or follow along a team or league’s season. For the athletes, however, things are much more different. In particular, the impact of baseball seasons being canceled on a collegiate level has had a huge impact on athletes allContinue reading “Interview With Carroll University Outfielder Matt Pestel”

XFL Star PJ Walker Signs with the Carolina Panthers

With the XFL 2020 season shutting down early, players were informed that they could sign with any NFL team starting on March 23rd. It didn’t take long for the first player to be signed. Considered the MVP of the league, PJ Walker was the Houston Roughnecks quarterback. He put up an impressive stat line inContinue reading “XFL Star PJ Walker Signs with the Carolina Panthers”

An XFL Star on the Rise: Should PJ Walker Be in the NFL?

The XFL wrapped up its fifth week this past weekend. The league continues to show signs of potential long-term success. While some guys may have the talent to play in the NFL, there’s one player who should be in an NFL jersey come fall 2020. PJ Walker is the starting quarterback for the Houston Roughnecks.Continue reading “An XFL Star on the Rise: Should PJ Walker Be in the NFL?”

Breakdown of the Romar Dennis Trade

Another week, another Premiere Lacrosse League trade. While last year’s contenders prepare to make another run for glory, some middle men and bottom feeders are preparing for the future. The Chrome LC have traded midfielder Romar Dennis and their 3rd round pick in the 2020 College Draft to the Atlas LC in exchange for theContinue reading “Breakdown of the Romar Dennis Trade”

Breakdown of The Myles Jones/Sergio Salcido Trade in the PLL

The Premiere Lacrosse League debuted last summer, displaying a new era of professional lacrosse. The league has keep interest with its recent announcement of a new team, the Waterdogs LC, which resulted in an expansion draft. Coming April 21st, the seven clubs will look to add depth with a collegiate draft. The PLL has alsoContinue reading “Breakdown of The Myles Jones/Sergio Salcido Trade in the PLL”

From the Chicago River to Bigger Waters: Zach Lavine May Leave Chicago

For those who have been keeping up with the NBA, one team that has caught nearly zero spotlight (and the little it has gotten was for embarrassing reasons), is no other than the 6x NBA Champions, the Chicago Bulls. The team is a disaster. Sitting at 20-33 in the Eastern Conference, the team resides asContinue reading “From the Chicago River to Bigger Waters: Zach Lavine May Leave Chicago”

Ryan Newman Released from Hospital After Daytona 500 Crash

The 62nd annual Daytona 500 had a scary ending to its annual race. On the final lap, racer Ryan Newman was flipped in his vehicle and turned upside down. Newman’s car was also struck by another car, causing it to burst into flames. Newman was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he was deemed inContinue reading “Ryan Newman Released from Hospital After Daytona 500 Crash”