NFL Free Agency Day 1 Recap

The new league year and legal tampering period for the NFL opened yesterday and boy was it a wild ride. It was one we all needed too, now that sports have been shutdown for the foreseeable future. Let’s recap some of the major moves today that kicked off NFL Free Agency.

Texans trade Deandre Hopkins for David Johnson?

Obviously this is the biggest shock. Bill O’Brien should lose his job as GM and coach over this asinine move. Trading a top five wide receiver in the league and a fourth round pick swap for a washed up David Johnson on a horrible deal and a second is insane. No other decision maker would even consider this move. This will obviously hurt DeShaun Watson, but will help Kyler Murray’s development immensely. This also signifies that the Cardinals will not select a receiver with the eighth overall pick.

Browns Gearing up for a Run?

The Cleveland Browns added two coveted free agents in Austin Hooper and Jack Conklin. As long as the Browns get their hands on one of the top four tackles in the draft this offense has the chance to be ELITE.That is, of course, if Baker cleans up some decision making. These deals are also relatively team friendly. I also love the addition of Case Keenum. He and Baker are similar players and he can help Baker learn Stefanksi’s system. The Browns are big winners today.

Ballard finally Makes a Big Move

The Colts did something they aren’t known for; traded a draft pick for an all-pro player. They traded their number 13 overall selection to the 49ers for DT Deforest Buckner. Buckner is a top DT and at only 25 years old is just entering his prime. The reported $21 million per year tag is huge but the Colts have ample cap space to facilitate it. Expect the Colts to land one more big name soon (Rivers).

The Falcons are tanking

The Falcons are officially throwing in the towel. Expect this to be the last season of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. They released staples today in Devonta Freeman and Desmond Trufant. Do not be surprised if there is a Julio Jones trade in the near future. A generational talent like that should not rot in a situation like there is in Atlanta. Hell, teams should start calling about Matt Ryan too. The Falcons need to reset.

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