An XFL Star on the Rise: Should PJ Walker Be in the NFL?

The XFL wrapped up its fifth week this past weekend. The league continues to show signs of potential long-term success. While some guys may have the talent to play in the NFL, there’s one player who should be in an NFL jersey come fall 2020.

PJ Walker is the starting quarterback for the Houston Roughnecks. This weekend, he became the first XFL player to throw for 1,000 yards. He’s helped his team start this inaugural season with a 5-0 record. He has 15 touchdowns and 4 interceptions so far, with a QBR rating of 104.4

I’m not the only one who thinks this way. According to the Seattle Times and ProFootballTalk, the Seattle Seahawks are scouting Walker as a potential backup for their franchise QB Russel Wilson. He would be a cheap and safe bet; Walker would be a serviceable backup and can be signed for little money. With a heavy QB free-agent class, the Seahawks have turned their attention elsewhere.


The real question is this: do these stats matter? Nobody wants to take away from Walker’s success. He was on the practice squad for the Indianapolis Colts and now has a chance to potentially get another NFL gig. The concern is the competitive aspect of both leagues. The NFL has the best of the best, the XFL has the misfit toys of the group.

There’s no real solution to that problem, unfortunately. Unless the NFL starts sending some practice squad guys down, the level of competition isn’t likely to change. The only true way to figure out if Walker can play at the next level is to sign him and take the gamble.

Teams that may want to keep an eye on Walker should be franchises like the Seahawks: an established QB1, looking for a cheap and flexible option for QB2. Teams that come to mind are the Green Bay Packers (ick), the Kansas City Chiefs, and even the New Orleans Saints, although they are likely going to use a first-round tender on Taysom Hill in order to keep him in a Saints uniform. 

In any case, Walker will have several weeks to continue to improve and shine in the XFL. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s playing on Sundays come this fall!

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