Notre Dame Spring Practice: Names to Keep an Eye on

NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!!!! Kinda. If we hear about these following players positively, during spring practice, then Notre Dame is poised to have a great season. You want to hear good things about every player on the roster, but that’s not going to happen. Some of these players are very obvious, some not so clear. College Football is back, and I am thrilled about it. 

Kevin Austin, Braden Lenzy, and Tommy Tremble Need to Shine

Notre Dame has to replace Claypool, Finke, and Kmet, or the 2020 season is going to be a bust from the start. For Game 5 of Notre Dame’s season, they have to face one of college football’s best defenses in Wisconsin. If the Irish don’t have playmakers on the perimeter, then ND doesn’t have a shot in that game. We need to hear positive things from these three players to have a clear mind coming out of spring practice. 

Kyren Williams and/or C’Bo Flemister and/or Jahmir Smith Need to Emerge 

Notre Dame’s running backs struggled in 2019, basically giving the Irish no chance at a big run play. Notre Dame needs something out of these running backs. They don’t necessarily all need to click, but at least one of these backs needs to click this spring. The Irish need to have a running threat this year, or the offense can only go so far.  I don’t know if anyone of these guys will win the starting job, which is fine. But they need to be ready to make a play when it counts in 2020.

KJ Wallace and/or Isaiah Rutherford and/or Cam Hart Need to Develop

 I have faith that Crawford and Bracy will be excellent, if healthy. Notre Dame needs at least three corners to be able to make it through the entire season. If Notre Dame only has two playable corners, then they’re going to be in trouble when it hits November. It would be best for Notre Dame if two of these guys emerged as serviceable at least so that Notre Dame can keep Bracy and Crawford healthy. I have a strong belief that Wallace will be ready to go this season. It would be huge for the Irish if Rutherford and Hart could prove themselves as playable because they’re both longer athletes that Notre Dame doesn’t necessarily have with Crawford and Bracy.

Other Players that I want to hear about this spring, but it might not be crucial for the season: 

  • Bo Bauer 
  • DJ Brown
  • Ovie Oghoufo 
  • Ademiloa twins 
  • Paul Moala 
  • Joe Wilkins 
  • Jack Kiser 
  • Marist Liufau
  • Kendall Abdur-Rahman 
  • Litchfield Ajavon 
  • Bennett Skowronek 
  • Jordan Botelho
  • Rylie Mills 
  • Xavier Watts 

Let me know what players you want to hear about this spring! 

Thank You!

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