Breakdown of The Myles Jones/Sergio Salcido Trade in the PLL

The Premiere Lacrosse League debuted last summer, displaying a new era of professional lacrosse. The league has keep interest with its recent announcement of a new team, the Waterdogs LC, which resulted in an expansion draft. Coming April 21st, the seven clubs will look to add depth with a collegiate draft. The PLL has also partnered with Ticketmaster.

That all being said, the PLL is continuing to provide league updates, specifically a potential season-altering trade. With the trade window opening this past Monday, there’s already been moves made. The Chaos LC is sending midfielder Myles Jones to the Redwoods LC for midfielder Sergio Salcido and a 2020 second-round pick.

The news broke on the PLL’s official Instagram on Saturday, February 29th. Here’s a breakdown of both players:


Myles Jones is a Duke graduate who was a 3x All-American, a 2x L.T. j.g. Donald MacLaughlin Award winner as the nation’s top midfielder, a 2x Tewaaraton Award Finalist, was named the 2016 ACC Offensive Player of the Year, according to the PLL’s official website.

Jones recorded 18 total points for the Chaos LC, seven being goals, including a 2-pointer, a new addition to professional lacrosse, and 10 assists. He was a Pll All-Star and helped lead the Chaos to a 7-3 record. His aggressive play style will fit better with the Redwoods and with fellow midfielder Sergio Perkovic, whose physical and alpha style of play will match well with Jones.


Sergio Salcido is a Syracuse alumni, where he was a 2x Division I First Team All-American, a 2x Division 1 First Team All-ACC selection, a 2x Division I All-ACC Tournament Team selection, and the 2017 ACC Player of the Year, according to the PLL official website.

The Chaos LC rely on their attack on offense. An elite dodger with speed, Salcido will be able to cut through lanes and draw opposing defenses away from the attack. He recorded 20 total points (10 goals, 9A, one 2-point shot).


Chaos: A-

Redwoods: A+

The Redwoods absolutely win this trade. They were one game away from a PLL Championship, and Jones is exactly the piece they need on offense. His style of play compliments the team’s aggressive and quick game plan.

The Chaos get a player who can run the offense and control the pace of the game. The pick is just the cherry on top. Jones is overall the better player, but Salcido will contribute well. Both teams hope to build upon the success of last season, hoping to lift that PLL trophy come September.

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