Redskins Moving on from Haskins?

Wednesday morning I tweeted out that I would not be surprised if the Redskins looked into quarterbacks with a new regime coming in. Coaching staffs usually want to hand pick “their guy.” Then later in the afternoon, Ron Rivera told reporters that them bringing in quarterbacks not just due diligence. They’re really looking in to these quarterbacks as potential draft options.

Now two years ago everyone would think this idea was crazy. But, last year the Arizona Cardinals laid the groundwork. They selected Kyler Murray number one overall one year after taking Josh Rosen with the tenth pick. This situation could be playing out again in Washington.

I think if Washington did pull the trigger it would be for Tua. Burrow will be off the board and they wouldn’t pass up Chase Young for Justin Herbert. Washington also loves former Alabama players. The only potential hiccup is that their notoriously stubborn owner, Dan Snyder, was the man championing for Haskins last draft. Would Dan Snyder be willing to give up on his guy after one year?

Haskins was very bad this season. He did not have much help but he made poor decisions. But, he seemed reluctant to push the ball down the field. I just don’t think he sees the field very well and he doesn’t bring anything to offer in terms of mobility. The rumors last season were that if Washington did not take him he was going to fall out of the first round and we all saw why.

I think Washington should explore this and if Tua’s medicals check out for them they need to pull the trigger. Chase Young is great, but quarterback is the most important position in football and you need a good one to win in this league. This will be an interesting story to monitor as draft season rolls on.

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