NBA Twitter Needs to Chill with the Trae Young Hype

Trae Young has become a god by NBA Twitter who don’t watch basketball. NBA Twitter is a beautiful place, but somehow you find the dumbest humans alive in it. You have the fans who think Kyle Lowry sucks at basketball because Twitter told them he did. You have the Pacers fans who swear by Myles Turner when you can watch the games, and he’s flat out not special. The Steph Curry is overrated because he’s never won a finals MVP, but if you watch basketball, you’d know the NBA stole one from him by giving it to Iguodala. Speaking of Iguodala, NBA Twitter acted like the Heat won the lottery by giving up assets for Iguodala. HE STINKS. Iggy was the second-best player the Heat received, Jae Crowder being the best. There’s even the crowd that has talked themselves into the Luka trade being worth it when it’s undeniable that the Atlanta Hawks passed on the future of the game. 

Trae Young is Good; he’s not great. 

Trae Young is good, but to act like he’s anything more than good, you have to be crazy. Sure, he almost averages 30ppg and 10ast a game, but he still can’t win. The Atlanta Hawks led by Trae Young LOSE 72% of their games. The Hawks point differential is the 3rd worse in the league, and I’m supposed to believe this Trae Young guy is GREAT. Trae Young is quite literally the worst defender in the league. He’s an excellent shooter, and I can’t take that away from him. Trae Young is also a loser at the NBA level and college, and I will hold that against him. Every starter in the All-Star game had a winning record, why does Trae Young get a pass there? 

The Atlanta Hawks have Talented Players

The NBA Twitter go-to with why Trae Young doesn’t win is because the players on his team aren’t good. Will someone please explain to me why Ja Morant and the Grizzlies are in the playoff race then? Since Trae Young fans only want to look at stats, then why aren’t the Hawks competitive? The Atlanta Hawks have TWO 20ppg scorers. The Memphis Grizzlies have ZERO 20ppg scorers, yet have most likely already won more games then the Hawks will win all season. DeAndre Hunter, John Collins, and Kevin Huerter, with a GREAT NBA player, are a core good enough to be better than 17 wins at this point in the season. I’m sorry, Trae Young stans, he’s about half as good as you think he is. 

Why do we not Care about Winning Anymore?

During Trae Young’s games where he shoots 11-30, he’ll have 3-4 highlights that game that make him look like a superstar. When in reality, the Hawks lost as they do every 7 out of 10 games. If you’re going to shoot the ball at the rate that Trae Young does. You’re going to have games where you score a lot of points eventually. I also think Trae Young is good, but it stops at good. He’s closer to being bad then he is great. His stats are fantastic, but the things stats don’t record he’s near the bottom of the list. Trae Young doesn’t win games very often, that should be a red flag for everyone. I 100% agree the Hawks should have a losing record. They have too much young talent to get their ass kicked all the time. Thirteen times they have lost by 20 plus. 30% of their games they lose they get blown out. That’s embarrassing if you have an All-Star starter on your team. 

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