From the Chicago River to Bigger Waters: Zach Lavine May Leave Chicago

For those who have been keeping up with the NBA, one team that has caught nearly zero spotlight (and the little it has gotten was for embarrassing reasons), is no other than the 6x NBA Champions, the Chicago Bulls.

The team is a disaster. Sitting at 20-33 in the Eastern Conference, the team resides as the 10th seed. Poor coaching, injuries, and a lack to make any trade deadline moves has left the Bulls in no man’s land. They’re in basketball purgatory. Never progressing, always being mediocre; one Bulls player may want to be free of this.

Zach Lavine, who has been an incredible scoring option for the Bulls, is getting sick of losing. NBA executives believe he will request a trade this summer. Teams that expressed interest at the trade deadline were the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia Sixers, who both were potentially seeking a third star or another play maker/natural scorer.

Now, Bulls fans, don’t take this so seriously. These are mere rumors. But when a video surfaces on Twitter of Lavine showing public disapproval of his coach calling a timeout, down by 10, with 30 seconds left, people tend to panic.

Here is said video.

Again, it’s all mere speculation, but there are a lot of teams who would want Lavine. Only recently did he break a franchise record for Chicago: most 3’s made in a single season with 174. His defense and shot selection need work, but he’s a dominant force on offense. Lavine is averaging 25.2 PPG, 4.8 TRB, and 4.2 APG. He’s shooting a solid 44.8% overall and 38.2% from beyond the arc.

Oh yeah, he may or may not have also won the Dunk Contest. So, he can dunk.

Rumors can cause chaos in a fan base. Unless something is reported by a more reliable source, take these with a grain of sand. If teams coming knocking, however, and Lavine wants out, the Bulls better be ready to take the right price.

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