NBA: Grandpas vs Youngsters?

Trae Young, PG for the Atlanta Hawks. Trae is averaging 30.1PPG and 9.2APG, both ranked 2nd in the NBA – Picture via Bleacher Report

Did you know.. Vince Carter has more years in the league than some of the youngest stars in the NBA have been ALIVE? Crazy to think about. As I sat and watched the 76ers play the Nets last night, I thought to myself.. would that matter in a game? Would a team comprised of some of the oldest players in the league, with years of experience, be able to match up with the league’s youngest? I put together what I thought was a solid group of guys for both sides. The “Grandpas” have to be at least 34 years of age, as the “youngsters” need to be younger than 22. Here we go!

The Grandpas

  • PG – Chris Paul – 34 years old -OKC Thunder – 14 years in the league
  • SG – J.J. Reddick – 35 years old – NO Pelicans – 13 years in the league
  • SF – Vince Carter – 43 years old – ATL Hawks – 21 years in the league
  • PF – LeBron James – 35 years old – LA Lakers – 16 years in the league
  • C – LaMarcus Aldridge – 34 years old – SA Spurs – 13 years in the league
  • Combined NBA Championships – 3 Combined NBA ALL Star Nominations – 31

While this may not be the best team ever comprised on a basketball court, there is talent across the board. Vince would, by far, be the downfall of this team. CP3 and LBJ both were Allstars again this year, while both JJ and Lamarcus have had really solid seasons. This team would play slow, attack weaknesses, and take advantage of their game IQ. LBJ is still unstoppable and still causes nightmares for whoever he is playing. If Vince could knock down some 3’s, this really isn’t a horrible team to go up against the youngsters.

The Youngsters

  • PG – Trae Young – 21 years old – ATL Hawks – 1 year in the league
  • SG – Luka Doncic – 20 years old – DAL Mavericks – 1 year in the league
  • SF – Jayson Tatum – 21 years old – BOS Celtics – 2 years in the league
  • PF – Zion Williamson – 19 years old – NO Pelicans – Rookie year
  • C – Bam Adebayo – 22 years old – MIA Heat – 2 years in the league
  • No NBA Championships – 3 Combined All Star Nominations (all in 2020)

Wow. Imagine this actually being a REAL NBA squad?? I know Luka is a little out of position being listed as a SG but you have to include both him and Jayson in this lineup. Trae has scoring and passing abilities like a top player in the league. Luka and Jayson can create for themselves. You then have Zion and Bam down low to do all the dirty work and handle the post? Yikes. Is their “raw” talent enough to top a vet team who has been there and done that??


I love this young team that I put together. I think they have the makeup to win multiple NBA titles if this was a real team. A game like this would be closer than we all may actually believe, however, the youngsters have to pull this out, right? Vince couldn’t guard either Jayson or Luka, and I don’t think CP3 could hang with Trae the entire game. I think both sides could score pretty easily, but the young guns would be bale to prevail late. What do you think the outcome would be? Would you substitute any of the players out on either team? Let me know your thoughts!

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