Immediate Eligibility for First Time Transfers: A Notre Dame Fan’s Perspective

As a Notre Dame Fan, I love this…… I think

Notre Dame is a school that has trouble recruiting all the high-level talent. They naturally don’t land the type of kids who unseat upperclassman as freshmen and a lot of times, even sophomores. This is the reason Notre Dame fans love Kyle Hamilton as much as they do. Yes, Kyle Hamilton is outstanding and will project as a future first-round pick. He still probably won’t be drafted higher than Nelson or McGlinchey. Those two didn’t have this kind of love when they were freshmen. 

My whole point with Kyle Hamilton is elite programs such as Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, LSU, and Georgia find elite talent like Hamilton every year. For example, in 2019, Ohio St signed 2 top 100 receivers. Ohio State signed 4 top 100 receivers in their 2020 class. In 2021, they already have 2 more top 100 receivers signed. There isn’t a spot for all of these kids to play unless they wait for their turn. However, a lot of recruits want to play 3 years and be out. It would make sense for these kids to transfer instead of waiting for their turn. 

Immediate Transfers Should Benefit 2nd Tier Teams

I expect the 2nd tier of teams in the country to do a fair amount of recruiting through the transfer portal from the elite teams having kids who were highly recruited. They thought they’d be playing immediately. They weren’t because of the massive amount of talent around them and the massive amount of talent coming in year after year. Having kids transfer won’t immediately make the top tier teams worse. It’s what will happen when they rotate in a backup, or someone goes down with an injury.

Even if the 2nd Tier teams don’t land the talent from these teams, the immediate transfer rule will still thin out the talent at the elite schools. I don’t think this will affect the 2nd or 3rd tier teams until the players are an upperclassman. They then know they aren’t going to play a significant role with their team. If a player wants a shot at the NFL, it’s probably not in their best interest to transfer to a school that isn’t a national brand. A transfer from Clemson to Notre Dame or Alabama to Oklahoma or LSU to Texas A&M will still be viewed by scouts every single week. Also still playing for a team with a chance to make the playoffs. If a kid transfers from Notre Dame to Flordia International or Texas A&M to Rice or Oklahoma to Ball State, then those kids are transferring because they want to play football. They aren’t sure what the future will hold for them in terms of football.

There have to be Rules

They can’t turn college football into free agency every off-season. One of the only rules I ask for this if a player puts his name in the portal, then he has to transfer. NCAA can’t have every off-season every kid puts his name in the portal. They can’t have super teams trying to win a national championship. They need to weigh out their options, and if they decide going to a different team is in their best interest, then when they go into the portal, their career with the prior team is over. The NCAA can make it a certain amount of hours until its official or something along those lines. They can’t just let every player throw their name in the portal, thus making it NFL free agency.

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