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Start with the Good 

In my personal opinion, 247sports is by far the best set up recruiting network for college football. 247sports is the recruiting service I usually reference because there isn’t anything fancy to their system.  The Irish Illustrated team on 247Sports is the best group covering Notre Dame Football across the internet. (They’re not in charge on the rankings for 247Sports.)

Now What’s the Deal with Notre Dame? 

I’ve typically been on the side of the argument that recruiting services don’t have anything against Notre Dame. That doesn’t seem right after today. As most Notre Dame fans know already, Tyler Buchner was rated as a 5-star in composite rankings for 30 minutes today. 30 MINUTES. So 247sports updated their list for 2021 and to me realized they rated Tyler Buchner “too high,” and he became a composite 4-star after they dropped him down to 50 in their rankings after previously having him at 37. I don’t care if he was a 5-star or not; it’s the blatant disrespect of changing his recruiting ranking because they want it to fit their narrative with the rest of the class. It’s also very suspect that 247sports clearly states their next updates won’t come until spring, and they updated the board twice today.

*It’s not noted in Buchner’s history that he went from 25-30. 25 was a 5-Star, and 30 is right on the outside of 5-Star. 

Who cares about the ranking? That’s not the Point.

Do I care about where Tyler Buchner is ranked? Simple answer, no. I can watch the film on Buchner and know he’s an exceptional talent. It’s merely the fact that you cannot say there is no bias with Barton Simmons and 247sports when they rank players and then realize what the composite ranking came out to be and reranked the player to fit their narrative. 

*Complete side note: Lorenzo Styles and Gabriel Rubio had absolutely zero reasons to drop in the rankings. 

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