Colts’ QB Solution: Go Young

The Colts are clearly evaluating the QB situation this offseason after the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck right before the 2019 season.

Early on, many thought that Jacoby Brissett would be the long term solution, but it became clear that Jacoby was just another Patriots-esque system QB like Garoppolo & Brady.

The common opinion among Colts’ fans is to bring in a seasoned veteran while also using the first round draft pick on a future franchise QB. It makes sense, because the Colts are in a rare position in the NFL of being able to win now or build for the future.

But I believe that the Colts should either go all in on a draft pick or all in on a younger free agent. If the Colts go with the former, they can use this season to give Jacoby another shot while grooming their QB of the future. If they go with the latter, the Colts can kick Jacoby to the curb, use the draft pick for another position of need (WR) & proceed with the win-now mentality.

So let’s take a look at each of these options.

Young Free Agents

The market isn’t great. But it is worth considering.

Jameis Winston

Yes. I said it & it’s not a joke. Jameis Winston has real talent; former first pick talent. He clearly has some questionable decision-making, but I believe that Frank Reich can help shape that. PLUS, he just got LASIK eye surgery. Most people are joking about this, but I truly believe it is going to improve his game.

Teddy Bridgewater

I believe that Teddy Bridgewater would barely be a step up from Jacoby Brissett. Personally, I would much rather save cap space. I don’t see the Colts considering Bridgewater.

Marcus Mariota

Yes. Again, this is not a joke. I personally believe that Marcus Mariota should be given a shot by the Indianapolis Colts. Just like Jameis, he has raw talent as a former first rounder. I think that he is better than most QBs in this year’s draft class (see below). He needs a coach like Reich who is a QB whisperer. But I strongly believe that this would be one of the last QBs the Colts’ would consider.

Dak Prescott

Won’t happen.

Draft Pick Options

I think there are only three QBs worth considering other than Joe Burrow who is virtually already off the draft board

Tua Tagovailoa

Chris Ballard needs to make this happen. I don’t care what it takes. Tua is the one option out of all options that would be able to win-now while also building for the future. It will take a king’s ransom to get a hold of him, but it WILL be worth it. Of course, this all is pending his health. We know he has an injury history, but I think he is worth the risk. When we look back in 10 years, he will be the best QB out of this draft.

I believe that the Colts would have to trade up to #3-4 in order to get him. It just so happens that the #3-4 picks just took QBs last year & will probably give them at least another year or so before reconsidering the position.

Jordan Love

Out of all options, this seems to be the most realistic. The Colts can keep their draft picks, pick a QB for the future & give Jacoby another shot this season by making this selection. All things that are in line with the Colts’ way of thinking. I have talked myself into Jordan Love being the next great based on raw talent & his rocket arm. Plus this seems like the only QB that Ballard has looked into publicly.

The Colts may have to outbid a team for him depending on how the combine goes.

Jacob Eason

Seems like a safe bet that would be in line with the Colts’ way of thinking. This is a guy who has some underrated talent that you could get with a second round pick. The Colts could address the WR position with #13 or trade back while also giving Jacoby a second chance.

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