From a Dime to a Benjamin

Forget Dave Ramsey. Forget Jordan Belfort. Quit your day job (please do not actually quit). WE HAVE THE NEW WAY FOR YOU TO MAKE MONEY!

Follow along with us on the journey as we build from a dime to a benjamin.

Ground rules: Your bankroll will start with 10 cents. The end goal is to get to $100. You will place daily bets in order to build up your bankroll. No bet can be less than 10 cents & you have to hit restart if you ever hit less than 10 cents. Parlays, Round Robins, etc. are all allowed.

You have to have one bet each day. The ultimate goal is to turn your $0.10 into $100 as quickly as possible. We will post all of our bets each day along with our current money and record. Feel free to play along and be sure to tell us your picks and progress in the comments!

Disclaimer: We are amateur sports bettors. All picks come straight from the guy. We don’t use fancy algorithms or spreadsheets that will give us any kind of massive edge. We do it for fun like most people do. Play along and enjoy the wild world of sports gambling!

Let’s make some $

An absolute trainwreck of a start for the FTS team in the dime to Benjamin challenge. Not one of the team members picked a winner yesterday and everyone will stay at the $0.10 mark for day 2.

Day 2: 2/14/2020

Bet #1 (Owen): $0.10 on NY Rangers ML (+114)

Bet #1 (Lacy): $0.10 Parlay on Team World ML & Over 299 in the Rising Stars All-Star Game (+390)

Bet #1 (Werner): $0.10 Parlay on Penguins, Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Jets (+283)

Bet #1 (Schlatts): $0.10 Parlay on Team World ML & Over 299 in the Rising Stars All-Star Game (+390)

Bet #1 (D Noel): $0.10 Parlay on Buffalo +2.5 and Team USA ML (+201)

Bet #1 (Carl): $0.10 Parlay on Paris SG Full Time, Gael Monfils ML, Andrey Rublev ML (+165)

Day 1: 2/13/2020

Bet #1 (Owen): $0.10 on LA Clippers +2 (-109)

Bet #1 (Lacy): $0.10 on NO Pelicans -3 (-108)

Bet #1 (Werner): $0.10 on Iowa +2.5 (-107)

Bet #1 (Schlatts): $0.10 on Clippers ML (+108)

Bet #1 (Noel): $0.10 on Iowa ML (+123)

Bet #1 (Carl): $0.10 on NY Islanders 60 Minute Line (+200)

Thank you!

We will be doing this daily and posting picks, prior results, and current leaders! As always, be sure to follow along on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our content. Also, be sure to hop on our forums page and join in on the discussion.

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