Browns Report: Myles Garrett is BACK

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett (95) looks to return to the Browns for the 2020 opener after six game suspension. Photo courtesy of Cleveland Browns/Twitter

It was reported earlier today that Myles Garrett has been reinstated and will be allowed to return to the field at the start of next season. Garrett was forced to sit out six games after an incident at the end of the week 10 match up against division rival Pittsburgh Steelers. While most know the story, for those that do not, I’ll put it very shortly. After a sack, Mason Rudolph tried snatching Garrett’s helmet in frustration. The attempted snatch turned into Garrett snatching said snatchers helmet. Then, well… Garrett used Rudolph’s helmet as a weapon and gave Rudolph a slight love tap on top of his noggin’ with it. The end.

Garret was suspended indefinitely and did not see the field for the remainder of the 2019 campaign (rightfully so). However, the suspension has come to an end, and the Browns defense will have their stud pass rusher back in action to start 2020. Garrett’s absence was noticed during his six game stretch and Browns fans will be relieved to see #95 back on the field next season. Leading up to the suspension, Garrett had accumulated 10 sacks and was eyeing a possible Browns record for sacks in a season at 14. One would assume that Garrett will surpass that in 2020 if he can stay healthy and play the full slate of 16 games. Regardless, it will be nice to have Garrett terrorizing QB’s again next season (legally).

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