Chicks Dig The Long Ball

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a big debate going on in the world of Golf. It’s all about distance and wondering if the balls are traveling too far. There are some pros that are for it, but others are against it. And you know who those guys are? The ones that don’t hit it far. One of the main guys that’s complaining that the balls are going too far is Graeme McDowell. 

Over the past few days he’s been talking to the media that the USGA needs to do something about how far guys are hitting it past him on a consistent basis. While that’s not his argument to the media, it’s not hard to tell what he actually means. For this season, McDowell is currently ranked 228th on the list coming in at 273.1 yards/drive.

For a little bit of reference, and this is definitely not bragging just stating facts, when I get ahold of a drive that goes straight instead of the usual super slice, I can usually get to 290. Now my average is probably around 260 because of all the shanks but I’m also only playing at most 2 times a week. Not playing almost every week in a tournament where I’m seeing my playing partner’s ball wave to mine from the clouds because it is just reaching it’s apex height by the time it goes by.

The 2020 leader in distance right now is Cameron Champ coming in at 322.4 yards/drive and the tour average is 297 yards/drive. So between Graeme and the average playing opponent, you could build a new Walmart between their balls. 

But is that a problem? Absolutely not. I love it. I’d rather see guys hitting 320+ yard bombs then lay up with a drive. Because here’s the thing. Layups are for BASKETBALL. Not Golf. So Graeme, if you want some advice from a recreational player that knows a sliver of the amount of Golf that you do, hit the weight room. Brooks Koepka isn’t piping them down the fairway without doing at least a little bit of lifting. And have you seen who Brooks is dating right now? Jena Sims… so yeah, chicks dig the long ball. 

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