Should the Pacers Explore Trade Options for Myles Turner?

The NBA is a Business

The most heated debate that happens with the Pacers fans is, what should happen with Myles Tuner? Should the Pacers trade Turner? Should the Pacers keep Turner? Are the Pacers hurting Turner’s potential?

All of those questions get asked every single Pacer game. I think the Pacers are hurting Turner’s potential, and I think it’s in Myles’s best interest for the Pacers to trade him. I have nothing against Myles Turner (minus he has the worst fans in the entire world). Myles is good for the community, and he enjoys being a Pacer, but the NBA is a business. You don’t start a business and ignore the one part that is going to result in the business failing. That’s what the Pacers are doing with starting 2 Centers. Starting 2 Centers in the playoffs will result in a disaster.

My Opinion:

My opinion on what the Pacers should do is flip Turner for a guard or an interchangeable forward. Turner has trade value, but if the Pacers keep using him the way they do, he’s going to lose all his value as a trade piece. Turner should be a pick and pop Center. The Pacers use him as a spot-up shooter on offense because of his lack of skills in the paint. Sabonis has proven to be an excellent Pick-n-Roll Center, which makes Turner pointless to the Pacers offense, and it’s not necessarily Turner’s fault.

Turner Trade Scenarios: 

Celtics Recieve: Myles Turner, Jeremy Lamb, and TJ Leaf
Pacers Recieve: Gordon Hayward and Romeo Langford

I don’t love this trade by any means, but I think it makes the Pacers better, and the Celtics are in a bad need for a defensive-minded center. It seems like the Celtics have admitted that Romeo Langford shouldn’t have been a lottery-pick. Romeo has only played in 12 games, and it doesn’t seem that the Celtics are happy with him so far. Gordon Hayward would give the Pacers another wing that they could interchange between the 3 and 4, and Hayward would be a 4th starter that could run the Pick-n-Roll with Sabonis causing massive mismatches.

Wizards Recieve: Myles Turner
Pacers Recieve: Davis Bertans and Ian Mahinmi

I think most readers just became furious reading that trade, but let me explain. Davis Bertans is the best shooter in the league. Ian Mahinmi, in his return to Indy with an expiring contract, could play the backup center role with Goga. Goga has a long way to go even though he’s talented. Anytime Goga is on the floor, he’s going to foul someone. In the playoffs, Sabonis can’t come in and bail him out. Sabonis can’t play 40 minutes a game in the playoffs. Mahinmi can at least play 6-7 minutes at a time without hurting the Pacers.

If the Pacers refuse to change their offensive scheme, which consists of 3 playmakers using Sabonis ball screens or dribble handoffs to create offense, then Bertan is the best player in the league for their offense. Bertan is a consistent knockdown shooter and would thrive in the Pacers offense of getting shooters open or running the Pick-n-Roll.

The Wizards can get a young talented center to pair with Beal and hopefully John Wall again someday. Wizards should try to get rid of all their expiring contracts for young assets, and that’s what they would be doing in this trade.

Kings Recieve: Myles Turner and TJ Leaf
Pacers Recieve: Harrison Barnes

The Kings have what it feels like 100 players on their roster, yet they haven’t found anyone who can anchor their defense like Myles could. The Kings are awful, that’s being honest. They have something in Fox with a combination of Bogdan or Hield. The Kings should be sellers of anyone making money on their roster at the deadline. Barnes is interchangeable on offense and defense. Barnes is an offensive upgrade from Turner. Trading Turner for Barnes, you will lose out on shooting, but you’ll get a 27-year old that has the potential to be better than he is if he wasn’t playing for the Kings.

Pacers Recieve: Robert Covington
Pelicans Recieve: Myles Turner and Gorgui Dieng
Timberwolves Recieve: Jrue Holiday and Frank Jackson

This trade makes a lot of sense of all the teams involved. Pelicans have an uphill battle to make the playoffs, so punting on Jrue Holiday makes sense. They are trading Jrue for a center that will pair well with Zion, Ingram, and Lonzo. Turner being able to post up a little and stretch the floor, makes a lot of sense of the Pelicans, who are going to be trying to get Zion the ball near the basket for the next decade.

The Timberwolves have been looking for a PG my entire lifetime ( PASSED ON STEPH TWICE). Pairing Jrue Holiday and Towns together could be interesting. Jrue Holiday is one of my favorite players, and I’d love to see if he could be the guy that unlocks Town’s potential. The Timberwolves should start to feel uneasy if Towns is going to want to stick around much longer. It’s time to act desperate if you’re the Timberwolves.

Robert Covington is the perfect model of the player the Pacers are missing. Covington is interchangeable at the 3 or 4. I would describe Covington as the fully developed version of Justin Holiday. Holiday and Covington play very similar. I love what Justin Holiday provides for the Pacers, and I’d like to see what Covington and Holiday offer the Pacers together.

Covington is a capable shooter from distance, and he lets offense come to him. RoCo wouldn’t affect the Pacers rhythm at all, because he plays with the flow of the game. Pacers would be adding their best on-ball defender by receiving Covington. Pacer fans would be very pissed off initially if this is the trade that the Pacers decide, but once they see the Pacers compete in the playoffs and RoCo anchoring the defense, they’d change their tune.

 Featured Image:

Jim Mone/AP: Minnesota Timberwolves’ Robert Covington, left, shoots as Indiana Pacers’ Myles Turner defends in the first half of an NBA basketball game Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020, in Minneapolis. The Pacers won 104-99

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