Colts Quarterback Situation: What to do for 2020

The Colts were left standing at the altar at the beginning of the 2019 season when Andrew Luck abruptly decided to step away from the game of football. The news shocked the football world and the Colts were left to pick up the pieces. Jacoby Brissett was tasked with taking over the offense with only three weeks to prep as the starter. In his first real campaign as QB1, he was underwhelming, to say the least.

With the NFL Draft and free agency approaching quickly, the Colts are faced with a difficult decision as they try and game plan for 2020. There are a couple of different options they could choose, and I’ll lay them out for you below…

Find Their Guy In the Draft

There are several solid quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL draft. Unfortunately for the Colts, there are also several teams who will be looking to snag one early. There is only one guy that I believe will fall far enough to the Colts, who own the 13th overall pick, and still be a viable option in 2020.

Jordan Love, Utah State

Jordan Love has received a lot of praise following the Senior Bowl. He showcased his solid arm and has all the makeup to be a good NFL quarterback. There is cause for concern with his decision making at times, but he was also dealing with far less talent at Utah State than he would with the Colts. Love will likely be the best option available in regards to QB at the 13 spot that the Colts currently hold. Unless the Colts are wanting to trade up and grab Justin Herbert, I think this would be the best pick.

Jordan Love wouldn’t be a terrible guy to draft. My only concern is that he would not be ready to be thrown to the wolves year one. The Colts have the pieces to be a playoff team RIGHT NOW. A team that could make a solid run. I don’t know if Love could lead that charge in year one or even year two.

Free Agency or Trades

There is going to be an abundance of talent hitting the market this off-season. Some cagey veterans as well as some younger talent that teams may be ready to move on from.

Phillip Rivers time with the Chargers appears to have come to an end. Rivers name has already been thrown into the hat as a potential solution to the QB problem next year. He is coming off a subpar season where the Chargers underperformed and failed to meet expectations. The father of nine may have some gas left in the tank (yes he has nine kids), but I’m not sure his noodle arm and 7.64 forty yard dash would be a tremendous improvement under center.

There is another name floating around the rumor mill. Because his name often brings Colts fans blood to a boiling point, I’ll neglect to say it… Wait… No. No, I won’t. TOM BRADY (commonly referred to as the GOAT). Many are speculating whether Tom will return to New England. While it is highly unlikely that he lands in Indianapolis, there are other suitors that would love to have Brady under center. Names like Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, or Cam Newton could become available if their teams decide to deal for Brady. I think all of those guys would be upgrades. However, trades can be much more complex when dealing with QB’s and often times the price tag is not worth it. Still, a viable option for the Colts.

Sticking With Brissett

Jacoby Brissett was dealt a bad hand heading into the 2019 season. His situation is not ideal for anyone and early on he handled it very well. However, as the season grew, so did the injury list for the Colts. It seemed that Brissett hardly ever took the field with all of his weapons at his disposal. The receiving core was depleted, and Brissett did not have the “It” factor to get them through the storm. He became inaccurate and was unable to simply manage games like the Colts needed him to.

The Colts speak very highly of Brissett. He is looked at as a leader and seems to be loved by the locker room. There is a possibility that they give him one last year to prove his capabilities. It seems unlikely, however. Brissett is a viable backup but doesn’t seem to have the tools to be a starting QB in the NFL.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

The Colts will want to tread cautiously with their decision. They’ve done a great job in recent years acquiring young talent on both sides of the ball. They’ve got all the pieces to contend but teams will only go as far as their leader under center takes them. Personally, I think their best option is to find a QB in a trade. Derek Carr would be a good fit for the Colts and seems to be a real possibility if the Raiders decide to move on. It will be interesting to see how they handle this off-season. What would you like to see the Colts do?

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