Coach K Attacks Cameron Crazies

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Pitt traveled into a tough environment at Duke last night. The final outcome of the game was a 67-79 deficit, yet the biggest take away had nothing to do with the players. The nickname for Duke student section is the Cameron Crazies. Crazies is an understatement to describe them. Duke has one of the toughest environments in all of sports, but last night, Coach K went after his own beloved fan base.

The Cameron Crazies have a chant for recruits and former players during the game. If Grant Hill is in attendance, the student section recognizes them in a fun way. “Grant Hill, sit with us!” Repeated over, and over, with these players joining sometimes. Even recruits will get the same treatment. Pitt’s head coach Jeff Capel is a duke alum and former coach. During the game, the student section gave their standard chant given the circumstance. Coach K lost his marbles. The official had to move Coach K off the court during the game. At halftime he faced the crowd himself showing disgust. He could be seen yelling, “He’s one of us” frustrated with the students.

I have a few issues with this. All of them are with Coach K. When the students chanted “How’s your grandma” towards Tyler Lewis, did Coach K step in? No, he did not step in as Lewis was mourning her death. As the student section chanted “orphan” towards Scott Williams, did Coach K step in? No, he did not step in as Williams was mourning his parents death. It strikes me odd that this was the battle he wanted to take.

Coach Capel said he was locked in and didn’t hear the chants. Coach K apologized to Capel and said the timing was wrong. It was all rather strange how everything went down. Of all things to throw a fit over, this certainly did not seem to be one.

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