Bachelor and a Bottle; 3rd Glass

EDITORS NOTE: Bachelor and a Bottle is a weekly series where our friendly Catfish, Carl, downs a bottle of wine and puts fins to the keyboard to write out his thoughts. Carl may or may not have had a few too many glasses…or bottles of wine. However, we have given him full creative freedom. Even if that means the incoherent rambling that is posted below. Feel free to read. Try to understand. God speed.

Third episode starts off with an amazing date with Victoria P. Victoria P asks Peter what time of wine he likes, white or red. I knew I liked Peter, red wine bros. I am going line dancing Wednesday at a place (no free ads). No doubt about it. Too much good stuff is happening with Victoria P and Peter, bring on the madness. Wait a minute…WAIT A DAMN MINUTE. Victoria P telling Peter he passes the test because he chose red wine…YET ORDERS WHITE WINE AT THE BAR! Hannah Ann is a long run favorite but this is all getting dumb with the champagne drama. I wanted chaos but this is not what I had in mind. Victoria P had a great night, she opened up with some hard times. Alayah is making one of those common drunk mistakes by saying way too much. All they do is sit around waiting for their chance to talk and build up stress drinking all day. I wouldn’t imagine the stupid s*** I would end up saying.

SHE’S BACK BITCHESSSS! Lingerie is not pronounced like that….send home girl home. Sydney is crazy, legit. There needs to be a kiss count, Peter would be the record holder. Such a horndog, I love it. Damnit Sydney stop talking about others. He wants to spend time with you. Let him see who is fake and not the genuine person, girls like you never end up with the ring at the end. That’s not bad for Peter to just bring it out in front of everyone. That basically just set the tone. Now each girl will feel like oh shit if I say something to Peter he is going to bring it up in front of everyone and I have to deal with it now. Peter just opened the door for everyone to rat on each other. The ladies just saw Peter give Sydney a rose for being a rat. Madison is Superwoman, coming in and saving the day. She just stays rock solid and calm, let’s Peter say whatever he wants, and brings him back to level minded. Victoria P with the best snitch of all time, classy and just true to herself. Peter stays the king of throwing other women under the bus. Just telling Alayah straight up it was Victoria P who ratted her out for the whole pageant thing. I like Alayah’s romper dress, that should have made her get the rose. At the end Chris takes a rose away which is significant. Before the rose ceremony Peter picks who he wants to give a rose to. They write the women’s names on the roses so he doesn’t forget and this allows them to dictate the order Peter announces them. There is no doubt the rose Chris took away was for Alayah. Last second Peter decides he doesn’t want to give a rose to Alayah anymore, and Chris does the rest.

This was a horribly put together article and I will try to do better next time. Regardless I’m just a channel catfish, deal with it. 

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