Trae Young is the Worst All-Star Ever

The All-Star Game needs Fixed

Trae Young is one of the more undeserving All-Star starters the NBA has ever had. There should be slight outrage over Trae Young even being on the All-Star team, let alone being a starter. I was baffled to know that he made the All-Star team alongside Kemba for guards. The NBA does something idiotic every season, but we didn’t even make it until February before they did the dumbest thing they possibly could do this year. The cries that the only reason the Atlanta Hawks are 11-35 is because Trae Young doesn’t have help are flat out ridiculous. John Collins, De’Andre Hunter, Kevin Huerter, and Jabari Parker can play basketball at a level high enough to win more than 11 out of 46 games.

Do they have playoff level talent? Absolutely not. But if they supposedly had a player who was a top 5 player in the Eastern Conference, then they should have more wins than a Cavaliers team that hasn’t nailed a draft pick since LeBron and Kyrie. They should be better than a Knicks team that signed three average PFs over the off-season thinking they had a chance to compete. They should definitely be better than a Hornets team that purposely plays young because they are tanking for a rebuild.

Being straightforward, Trae Young isn’t a top 5 player in the East. How they can choose a player from the worst team in the East is crazy. What about Brad Beal? Zach Lavine? Derrick Rose? If the NBA wanted to do make-a-wish for an NBA player who shouldn’t be an All-Star at least, choose a player better than Trae Young

Hawks Rankings with Trae Young

Trae Young is a direct result of all these rankings. Offensive Rating: 30th out of 30. Defensive Rating: 25th out of 30. Simple Rating System: 30th out of 30. The NBA rewarded Trae Young, whose team statistics back up that he’s not even good, let alone an All-Star. I understand you don’t play defense in the All-Star game, but Trae Young plays All-Star game defense during real games. I love the NBA, but I am humiliated that we let a social media star start in the All-Star game because social media said he was great.

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