We are Witnessing Greatness

We are going to take a deep dive into comparing Luka Doncic’s 2nd year in the league to all other all-time greats in their 2nd year. Luka is having a top-tier 2nd season, and no one is really talking about how good it truly is. I’m going to put my opinion to the side and let you guys decide if you think Luka will be better or as good as the players I’m comparing him against.

How Luka Doncic Compares to the Greats

Luka Doncic in Year 2

Larry Bird in Year 2

PPG: 29.1

FG%: .466

3P%: .322

RPG: 9.6

AST: 9.0

TPG: 4.3

PPG: 21.2

FG%: .478

3P%: .270

RPG: 10.9

AST: 5.5

TPG: 3.5

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