My Thoughts on Tommy Rees Being Named OC at Notre Dame

The “National Search”

Brian Kelly stated that there was a “national search” for the Notre Dame offensive coordinator position before promoting Tommy Rees. Assuming there was a nationwide search, the Tommy Rees hire didn’t sit well with some Notre Dame fans. Some were hoping to haul in a bigger name (Moorehead or Monken), but I don’t believe Kelly even gave them an interview. Unlike most, I believe there was a national search done, or Brain Kelly would have promoted Tommy Rees directly after the Camping World Bowl. It seems that Brian Kelly sent a few feelers out to some people that he considered actual home-run hires. After not receiving anything back, Rees was the obvious choice.

Rees is an Exceptional Candidate

If Notre Dame didn’t hire Rees to be their OC this year, then Rees was going to be moving on from the program to be someone’s OC next year. At least that is the vibe I was given when Rees interviewed for Northwestern and Oregon’s OC. I know most believe  “he’s young; why should he be in a rush?” But I don’t seem to think that Rees operates that way.

He came to Notre Dame as a player ten years ago with the mindset that once he graduated from Notre Dame that he was going to start coaching. Rees is Notre Dame through and through. Although, I don’t think that Is going to stop him from going and finding an Offensive Coordinator position elsewhere. Rees has already coached in the NFL, and at Northwestern. Maybe he doesn’t have the experience that you’d typically like, but he’s seen how other places operate. Rees knows everything there is to know about Notre Dame, and that seems like the guy you’d want to have a bigger pulse inside the program.

My Final Thoughts:

There may be some growing pains with Rees as an offensive coordinator. Long term, however, I believe there is going to be a lot of success. Young doesn’t always mean bad. With Rees being a younger OC, he should be able to connect with recruits, especially when it comes to Notre Dame. Everyone had good things to say about Rees being the offensive coordinator except that miserable human Bryan Driskell and his fans. The current players supported it, former players supported it, and even coaches supported the decision. The hiring of Tommy Rees could be the last OC that Brian Kelly hires while he’s at Notre Dame. This creates excellent continuity inside the program. It seems like a real possibility that when Brian Kelly decides to step away and go golf the rest of his life away, Tommy Rees could become of the Head Coach at Notre Dame. You never know.

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