I am the Leader

The Notre Dame Football fanbase needs a leader, and I’ve taken it upon myself to lead this fanbase to greatness. 

No one else stepped up and took the crown when it’s been laying on the ground for years, and I’ve finally decided to pick it up and lead with dignity.

I will not be knocked off this throne unless I die. Fans will be banished from rooting for the magnificent Notre Dame Fighting Irish if they continue their slander of this great program.

As the leader of the fanbase, we will not stand for the constant negativity day in and day out. My army and I will not stand for the stupidity that a lot of fans have. Players will not be bashed and drug through the mud because they don’t play to your standards as a fan. We’ve all said something disgusting about a player before, but that ends today under my leadership. Making the lives of the player more stressful than it already is because we are mad over a loss or bad game is no longer something we will tolerate.

We will not question everything that a coach does, because we’ve decided we don’t like them for whatever reason. If we have the coaching intelligence the guys on the field coaching have, then we would be on the field with them and not hidden behind a computer screen. 

People aren’t perfect, and today is when we start to acknowledge that. We will not encourage the articles of writers who are purposely trying to make players look a lot worse than they are because they want the backup to play (*cough cough Driskell). 

We are fans, so let’s start acting like the best fans in the world that we claim to be instead of the worst. 

Remember January 25th, 2020, as the day that Derrik Noel took over the leadership of the fanbase. W will leaed this fanbase to greatness by supporting Notre Dame Football instead of only looking at the negatives. 

This fanbase needed a leader, and now they have one.

Thank you!

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