Bachelor and a Bottle: 2nd Glass

What season opener we had last week. There was everything from cattle to crying. The second episode starts off right where everyone wanted, Hannah B and Peter. Peter fans finally received their reassurance when hearing Hannah B admits that she had made a mistake. It is a little odd how she said going into the final 3 rose ceremony she originally wanted to give her rose to Peter instead of Tyler. Personally I felt like that was just a way to pull Peter closer in giving the current situation. You have to feel terrible for the girls on the date as well. While they have to sit and write about the best sex they have ever had, which is awkward in itself, Peter is getting Hannah B’s glitter all over himself. Right when you begin thinking Hannah B is about to join the house, Peter all of a sudden snaps back to reality (Ope there goes gravity). While standing in the hallway before going back to the women you can see on his face he made a huge mistake asking Hannah B to come back to the house in general. 

The women try to make him feel bad with the whole “quitting their jobs to be here” when most of them are models, or have a big enough job they can just take a long vacation. By the way, they all have a stipend for being there and don’t pay for travel, food, housing, and like I said they get paid to be there. It was a good call to speak to the women altogether and face them afterward. I appreciate Peter being transparent and left everything out for the women to dissect. But you also can’t try to play it off and ask everyone to just move forward and not look in the past when you just spent a significant time doing the opposite.

Natasha is the only one so far I really respect. Just being straight up, no bullsh**. She has a chance to talk with Peter and he knows he messed up. It was nice to see someone basically tell him we are all here and committed, you need to be as well. Peter…are you really sure Hannah B is in the past?

During the after-party, Lexi put herself in the friend zone with the “you have a shoulder to cry on” style of approach. I know she is trying to be real, but that was too passive and too friendly. 

Kelsey…you poor poor poor girl. Mykenna just walked right into a honey badgers den. Don’t apologize for you doing you. Kelsey is way too emotional, don’t speak on other people’s behalf either, that doesn’t help your argument. 

Madison is such a strong pick, I may say that a dozen times out loud when watching, but it is so true. I think she will be in the top 2 in the final rose ceremony. A picture to share, butterfly kisses…a great moment together. 

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. Boys and girls, children of all ages…llllllllLLLLLET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEE!!!! #CHAMPAGNEGATE!!!!!! Hannah Ann….you just walked into the LION’S DEN. That pop….her face…..ohhhh myyyy gaaaaawd. I don’t think that was intentional by Hannah Ann either, I truly hope the producers guided them there knowing how Kelsey is such a firecracker.  I’m pretty sure Kelsey has called so many people a snake and she wouldn’t be able to point one out in general. She’s from Iowa so you’ll never know. Peter was the one that said let’s do this anyway, Peter made the call to ultimately pop it. 

The Rose ceremony happens and of course, they have Kelsey and Hannah Ann stand next to each other. Hannah Ann gets her rose with two left and people get excited thinking the crazy lady will go home. Wrong. Kelsey gets her pitty rose and survives another day. I didn’t think Kelsey would be a strong contender but this show finally found their rivalry. They are about to do whatever it takes to keep these two on the show together. I think Hannah Ann will make a long run, so expect Kelsey to make it to hometown visits now. Colton had the fence, Hannah B had the windmill, welcome to Peter’s season and champagne. 

Side note, if you were wondering how Peter knows everyone’s name and who he wants during the rose ceremony, I got you. He makes his picks in advance and they stitch the names on the rose where you can only notice from close. They place them in the order they want to read, and that is how the ceremony goes.

Date number 2 comes along…producers…..I LOVE YOU. Such a big screw you to Kelsey and Hannah Ann. So damn great to read those two off last and make them spend more time today together. Producers will not let these two women move on from the incident and make them spend as much time as possible in front of each other. 

Hannah Ann crushed it with the bridal dress. Victoria acting all nervous and all is laugh out loud funny. She played that off, sandbagged that big time. Screw off. She is terrible at faking the lack of self-confidence. Line of the season, “she’s like a really sexy Amish person”. Victoria is so fake it is unreal. Cry because you lost and want to quit. Step up. “I’m never going to be the girl that is the center of attention”, well you are about to be dragged online when all of your dirt gets exposed later in the season. She is such a masterful manipulator. So good at taking advantage of the moment and making herself look like the innocent. 

The episode ends with Hannah Ann making the mistake of telling Peter she is getting bullied. Bachelor 101, don’t run off to the Bachelor/Bachelorette and complain about what others are doing. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Peter wants to know you and see if you could be his wife, not talk to the TMZ of the house. You can’t tell him you are being bullied either. 




gerund or present participle: bullying

seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).

Kelsey was frustrated and pissed off, yes. Kelsey was over the top and did not handle it correctly, yes. But just because someone basically says you are a snake, that is not bullying in my eyes. We leave the episode with this situation and ChampagneGate will be a trend for a long time. Until next week!

Top 3 prediction – Madison, Madison, Madison

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