Indianapolis Colts Potential Draft Targets – Offense


The Colts need a more talented player under center. Jacoby can manage a game if the defense and run game are clicking but he cannot go out there and win a game for you with his arm. Here are the QB targets the Colts may look at on each day of the draft.

Day 1 (Round 1 Pick 13): Jordan Love, Utah State

  • Love’s upside is huge and scouts will love that. He will go Round 1 before it is all said and done.

Day 2 (Round 2 Picks 34 and 44, Round 3 Pick 75): Jacob Eason, Washington

  • Eason also has a huge upside. He is not as mobile as Love and doesn’t have film as good as Love’s 2018 season so that will keep him out of Round 1, but can be a huge get for the Colts on Day 2.

Day 3 (Rounds 4-7): James Morgan, FIU

  • Morgan didn’t have a lot of talent around him at FIU but he was still able to produce. He led them to a win over Miami this past season and is currently the best QB at the Shrine Game. It would be nice to see him as a late addition to the Senior Bowl but he seems the most pro-ready of all the late-round QB’s.

Tight End

It seems like Eric Ebron’s time in Indy is up and that means the Colt’s may need a new red zone target. Jack Doyle is very solid but Ebron was a better receiver. It remains to be seen what Mo Alie-Cox can be, so for now, this is a need.

Day 1: N/A

Day 2: Hunter Bryant, Washington

  • Bryant is an Evan Engram-like flex player and could replace some Ebron’s production.

Day 3: Harrison Bryant, FAU

  • The FAU Bryant is not very interested in blocking but he can make plays with the ball as he was the 2019 Mackey Award Winner, given annually to the Nation’s top Tight End. He also came in 10 pounds heavier than expected at Senior Bowl so the blocking may be able to be coached into him.

Wide Receiver

Part of Jacoby’s downfall is that he lacked weapons on the outside. T.Y. was hurt most of the year as well as Funchess. If Zack Pascal is your number 1 guy the majority of the year, you need help on the outside.

Day 1: Henry Ruggs III, Alabama

  • 4.25 speed and a refined route-runner. He would elevate the Colt’s passing attack.

Day 2: Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State

  • He is a YAC monster and would allow T.Y. to stretch the field deep.

Day 3: James Proche, SMU

  • He caught everything at SMU as the go-to man in a pass-happy scheme. His skills will translate well to the NFL.

Interior Offensive Line

The Colt’s have a great offensive line. The one concern is depth on the interior. Glowinski is solid but he is the weak-link, and Kelly has been known to get injured. It would be smart of the Colt’s to take a player that can fill in for those guys if needed and it not be a huge drop-off.

Day 1: N/A

Day 2: Robert Hunt, Louisiana

  • Hunt played against low-level competition, but he dominated. He is an easy mover and can play all over the interior. It would have been nice if he did not drop out of the Senior Bowl.

Day 3: Logan Sternberg, Kentucky

  • Two-time All-SEC selection and 2019 All-American. This kid may not be the most athletic but he can play football. Look for him to be a starting NFL guard sooner rather than later.

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