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As 2020 begins we are blessed with a new reality tv season of The Bachelor. I myself have not been a fan of the show. One bottle of Oliver sweet red wine and a random evening at a friend’s house changed all of that. Watching Colton act like one of the softest dudes with unlimited girlfriends was some of the best content I had seen and I could not get enough. This year will bring a new Bachelor, Peter Weber.

About Peter

Peter Weber is a pilot who resides in Los Angeles. His father was a pilot, his mother was a flight attendant, and his brother……yeah a pilot. He grew up basically in the backyard of where The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is filmed saying he always wanted to visit and see what was going on. As a fellow horny adolescent going through puberty who wouldn’t want to see 15+ gorgeous women hanging out boozing by a pool?! Peter was on season 15 competing to win over Hannah who was formerly Miss Alabama. Peter made it to the final 3 but was sent home. I guess the multiple fornications in a windmill isn’t as much of a turn-on for women as we all thought. Anyone who had a single intelligent cell in their brain would have made Mike the next bachelor. There has never been a lead African-American bachelor EVER and there wasn’t a better opportunity until now. Really dropped the ball there ABC. But oh well, we have our new aeronautical angel Mr. Weber to guide us to our destination of catfights and content. Just please remember to keep your seatbelt fastened at all times and keep the aisle clear.  

The Cast

There are way too many people to dive into, so here is a quick rundown of the names and occupations of the bachelorettes striving to guide Peter’s lonesome heart towards their terminal. 

Alayah, 24, an orthodontist assistant from San Antonio, Texas

Alexa, 27, an esthetician from Chicago, Illinois

Avonlea, 27, a cattle rancher from Fort Worth, Texas

Courtney, 26, a cosmetologist from Venice, Florida

Deandra, 23, a home care coordinator from Plano, Texas

Eunice, 23, a flight attendant from Chicago, Illinois 

Hannah Ann, 23, a model from Knoxville, Tennessee

Jade, 26, a flight attendant from Mesa, Arizona

Jasmine, 25, a client relations manager from Houston, Texas

Jenna, 22, a nursing student from New Lenox, Illinois

Katrina, 28, a pro sports dancer from Chicago, Illinois

Kelley, 27, an attorney from Chicago, Illinois

Kelsey, 28, a professional clothier from Des Moines, Iowa

Kiarra, 23, a nanny from Kennesaw, Georgia

Kylie, 26, an entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, California

Lauren, 26, a marketing executive from Glendale, California

Lexi, 26, a marketing coordinator from New York, New York

Madison, 23, a foster parent recruiter from Auburn, Alabama

Maurissa, 23, a patient care coordinator from Atlanta, Georgia

Megan, 26, a flight attendant from San Francisco, California

Mykenna, 22, a fashion blogger from Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Natasha, 31, an event planner from New York, New York

Payton, 23, a business development representative from Wellesley, Massachusetts

Sarah, 24, a medical radiographer from Knoxville, Tennessee

Savannah, 27, a realtor from Houston, Texas

Shiann, 27, an administrative assistant from Las Vegas, Nevada

Sydney, 24, a retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama

Tammy, 24, a house flipper from Syracuse, New York

Victoria F., 25, a medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Victoria P., 27, a nurse from Alexandria, Louisiana

The first thought is that there are multiple contestants who work in the same field as Peter. His mother was a flight attendant, so kudos to the casting crew. Honestly, I would never want someone in the same workplace as myself, I don’t want to come home and complain about my job and have my wife one-up me because some baby in row 12 would not stop screaming and big shot Billy from LA wants special treatment because he thinks he is the richest man on the flight. That just can’t happen. But I will say I looked up Peter Weber on venmo to see who he was friends with and interacts with. The smart son-of-a-gun had his activity private…but not his friends. Sarah, Hannah, and Courtney are all friends with him but can’t confirm they for sure the contestant themselves…but something to keep an eye on those three. 

Keep a heads up for more articles to come as each week progresses. Bachelor and a bottle is a beautiful combination, cheers to the next several Mondays!  Be sure to tell me what you think on Twitter at @FTSCatfish.

Thank you!

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